Quince Street Hotel Progress

The Quince Street hotel project continues to move forward in the new year.  Matt Braun with Braun Development Services says they are close to securing the final portions of funding to begin construction on the project with hopes of putting the first shovel in the sand in June of this year.  Braun says construction costs and interest rates have been a battle, but one that was definitely worth fighting through.

“We’ve built quite a bit of escalation costs into the model to make sure we were accounting for it and a lot of that escalation cost has indeed been getting eaten up  with the rising costs over the last few years.”

Braun says luckily the costs of wood products have come down in recent months, and his secondary concern is for private equity funding as people are being more careful where they put their investments.

“Folks have gotten pretty skittish about real estate investments overall and especially about ground up hotels in rural markets.”

Nonetheless, he feels safe in projecting a mid year start to construction with funding, hopefully in place by April.  The Microtel hotel by Wyndham is one of three new hotels that the city says it needs to catch up to demand.

Homeless Shelter

The construction and upkeep of a shelter for the homeless is moving forward.  City Manager Erin Reynolds says the project that initially sought city property for its location has moved to the site of the emergency cold weather shelter on highway 101 on the First Step property.

“It actually went live in the last week, it started out right after Christmas.  It’s called the Bridges Program of Florence and this emergency shelter has been approved following the criteria required in house bill 3395.”

The bill requires cities and counties to allow for construction of shelters of this type without the need for land use approval nor does it require a public hearing, or any noticing.  Reynolds says all the information about the approval of the project is available on the city website at ci.florence.or.us.

Stroke Support Group

If you or a family member have been the victim of a stroke there is a support group that is facilitated by PeaceHealth Riverbend.  Victoria Moran is the facilitator of the group and says that the difficulties that arise after a stroke can be many including isolation.  She says the support group is a way for survivors and caregivers to cope with the lingering effects of a stroke. She noticed the issues that arose after caring for her mother, a stroke survivor.

“I Noticed that my mom’s friends didn’t want to hang out with her as much.  I noticed a really lack of community and I see that even today as I try to engage with others.”

Moran says it takes time and effort from a stroke survivor to find their way back socially and that is where the support group has a lot of benefits.  It provides first and foremost community but also engages the individual to see past their current situation and see hope for a more normal future.  Moran’s support group meets in person and on zoom. You can attend by calling 541-222-8461 or by emailing strokecenter@peacehealth.org.

State of the County

A look at the previous year and what is to come in 2024 for Lane County will be taken on Monday in Eugene at Harris Hall on 125 E. 8th Avenue.  County Commissioner Pat Farr will discuss accomplishments and look at the county’s focus on reducing homelessness in 2024. A county commissioner meeting will occur the following day at 9am.