Heart Month; Human Remains Found; Wine and Chowder

Heart Month

February is American Heart Month, a time to focus on potential cardiovascular risks. Health experts say women especially should consider their heart health. Heart disease is the number one killer of women – more deadly than all forms of cancer combined. However, O-H-S-U cardiologist Doctor Abigail Khan says it’s often thought of as a disease that largely affects men, and so treatments have been tailored toward men.

“Women tend to be less aware of their heart risk, and when they get treatment it’s often delayed and maybe a treatment that’s more tailored to men than to women.”

Khan notes that it’s actually an exciting time because we know more than ever before about how to treat heart disease in women. The challenge is spreading the word about these advances. Khan says people might imagine a person clutching their chest as a sign of a cardiac event.

“Women may present with more subtle signs. They may present with more symptoms like shortness of breath or nausea, or in some cases they might present with chest pain but it’s assumed to be something else.”

Learn more about heart and stroke at this Saturday’s Women’s Health Fair at the Florence Events Center sponsored by Peace Harbor Medical Center from 10 until noon.

Human Remains Found

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office has released information on a recent call to Cummins Peak south east of Yachats.  Two Benton County Search and Rescue members were hiking in the area after having been involved in a search.  During their hike they discovered human remains in an extremely steep coastal drainage with thick vegetation.  Lane County Search and Rescue volunteers and deputies were called to assist.  There was no information on the identity of the remains or whether it was male or female.  Removal took over 10 hours and  involved steep angle rope systems.  Additional information is being withheld pending positive identification of the remains.

Wine and Chowder

Official numbers are not in, but Florence Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO says Florence was filled with visitors for the annual Wine, Chowder and Glass Float Trail.  On Saturday participating businesses in Old Town were packed with people sampling wine and purchasing goods from the stores. Beth Rudemetkin from American Pacific Mortgage says at time there was standing room only and she was thankful that the rain held off because it allowed for the use of her patio.  The Florence Events Center offered their wine selections with an art show featuring local artists. The move of the festival to February was made during the COVID-19 pandemic and has turned out to be a successful one for three years running despite the potential for bad weather that exists during the winter months.