Listening Sessions Planned; Executive Session; Clamming 

Listening Sessions Planned

A sports physical form at Mapleton Schools became controversial when a teacher asked students to choose the form based on which sex they identified as has become a hot button for many of the parents of the school district. The February school district board meeting was filled with parents outraged that their children as young as third graders were being introduced to ideas expressed in that manner.  Even a couple of the school district board members were upset with the inclusive language.  School Superintendent Sue Wilson explained how the situation unfolded.

“The Teacher, like many other teachers who have used inclusive language, said if you identify as a boy grab this paper, if you identify as a girl use this paper.”

Many parents in attendance of the February meeting were angry that the school would, what some said, would put questions in very young impressionable minds.  The March meeting was more reserved but the board decided to set up some listening sessions for parents and community members to discuss the situation.  Those sessions are planned for Monday April 22nd from 6-8 pm and then another session during the day on Wednesday April 24th from 10 am until noon at the school.

Executive Session

There is no city council meeting planned for Monday April 8th, but the City Council will be meeting for an executive session at 4pm on Monday.  Executive sessions are closed to the public due to sensitive information and to discuss certain aspects of city government outside of normal operational city business.  The city is currently in negotiations with the union that oversees members of the Florence Police department.  Although the agenda for the Monday session has not yet been posted, an executive session yesterday was a consultation with the city’s labor Negotiator.  Following yesterday’s executive session the council met to discuss proposed code updates related to temporary sheltering on public and private property.


Minus tides this weekend are expected to be excellent opportunities for razor clamming and mussel hunting. According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife today and tomorrow along the Oregon coast will be excellent for harvesting and again on April 9th through the 12th. when low tides are going to be at a minus 1 foot or greater.  ODFW does urge caution though especially when the low tides occur near dusk when visibility can be low.  Razor clamming is currently open all along the Oregon coast.