Mussel Poisoning; Oregon Workforce Dynamics; Non-Farm Payroll

Mussel Poisoning

The Oregon Health Authority is reporting that at least 20 people have become ill from mussels they consumed.  Yesterday the OHA said at least 20 people have been struck with paralytic shellfish poisoning. The Oregon Department of Agriculture recently closed the central coast to mussel harvesting after a rise in toxins was discovered.  Of those that got sick, none were from the Florence area.  The sickness was in Tillamook and Clatsop counties, however they are recommending that you discard any mollusks.  Any mussels harvested Saturday or Sunday. If you experience numbness of the mouth or lips, vomiting or diarrhea, see a doctor immediately. PSP can be deadly, especially for children.

Oregon Workforce Dynamics

A new report analyzes the workforce dynamics in Oregon and how the state can address gaps for workers and industries. The 2024 Talent Assessment finds that Oregon’s economy is in a strong position, with significant growth in the labor market and more growth anticipated in the future. Christiana McFarland is with S-R-I, the firm that conducted the assessment. She says there are some factors that could be barriers to achieving that future growth.

“We know that jobs are projected to grow, but we know that the population and population growth is relatively stagnant. So, that’s going to be a challenge into the future, particularly for occupations and industries that have a really high demand for workers in the state, particularly health care and child care.”

The assessment was conducted for the Workforce and Talent Development Board and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission for the State of Oregon.

Non-Farm Payroll

Non-farm payroll statistics for April were released and the employment numbers rose by 4,900 jobs, that after a 2,600 gain in March.  Health care was the number one gainer with 1,700 jobs added followed by construction that added 1,500 new jobs.  Manufacturing saw an increase of 900.  The Oregon Employment Department showed a 5.9% increase since April of last year with a gain of 16,600.  In the past year government jobs grew by 3.1% or 9,400.  Numbers for the May job report will be released on the 20th of June.