Local News – Vermont Health Care Speaker; Limiting Holiday Temptation; Fire District Sign in Violation of Code; Athlete of the Week

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“How Vermont Won Health Care for All” speaking tour stopping in Florence

Organizers of a landmark state law in Vermont that will alter the way that state’s residents pay for health care say medicine is a basic human right and is on a par with other ‘public good’ services such as law enforcement, fire protection and even roads and as a result should be funded by the state.

After a grass roots effort in that state organized by members of the Vermont Worker’s Center, lawmakers agreed and in May the law was signed into effect.  Only three years earlier, however, many had said the drive to universal health care was politically impossible.  One of the organizers of that effort, Sarah Weintraub, will be speaking this evening at Siuslaw Public Library as part of the “How Vermont Won Health Care for All” speaking tour… that’s at seven pm.

Fire District Sign in Violation of Ordinance

Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue recently replaced the static readerboard sign in front of their main station with a new electronic one.  In addition to the seasonal messages and meeting notices, it now also displays the time and temperature.

The sign also has the capability of alerting the public to timely announcements.  In fact, shortly after it was put in place last month, high winds, brought by a heavy storm prompted warnings that were displayed.  The sign, funded by state emergency management money is in violation of the city’s sign code.  Current regulations allow digital messages, but say the wording must remain static for at least an hour at a time.

Fire Chief John Buchanan has asked the City Council for an adjustment to allow the message to change much more often than that.

Easing Holiday Temptations

Those end of the year holiday parties and office get-togethers can be recipes for disaster if you’re watching your weight or are on a special diet.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Denise Johnson is a health educator with CareOregon, the agency that provides Medicare and Medicaid services in the state.  She says if you’re invited to a potluck you can set a good example by bringing a healthy appetizer or salad.

And, if you’re the host… you can make a simple adjustment to the layout to make things easier to resist temptation.

Denise Johnson – “Do you have candy out?  Do you have fatty foods out at end tables?  You may want to consider having those on a buffet in one area, where someone has to mindfully go to the buffet.  Make it comfortably challenging for them to get that extra food.”

Johnson says family members often prod each other into eating more… and one strategy for avoiding that kind of problem is honesty.  Let them know that you’re watching your food intake and ask for their support… and never go to a party hungry.  Have a small meal or some fruit and yogurt first.

Prep Basketball Results

On the prep basketball court last night… Jake Thompson led scoring for the Vikings with 16 points, but the Elmira Falcons came out on top in Florence 70 -54 in non-league basketball action.

In Elmira, the Lady Vikings held on for a 38-35 victory over the Falcons.  The Siuslaw Boys are back on the court tonight in Junction City at 7 PM against the Tigers… airtime on Coast Radio Sports is set for 6:45.

Siuslaw Basketball standout Marisha Reavis is Coast Radio Sports’ Athlete of the Week.  The Senior post has been the leading scorer for the Lady Vikings in the pre-season, putting up 14 points against Cottage Grove last week and  13 against Elmira.  Honorable Mention goes to freshman wrestler Luke Carroll who had an outstanding showing with two wins on the mats at the Springfield Invitational.