Civil War!

sports_featurephotoIt’s finally here…

The annual football Civil War kicks off at four this afternoon at Autzen Stadium in Eugene.

While it may not seem as if there is as much on the line this year as in the past, there could be post season implications for Oregon State.  They are bowl eligible with six wins right now… but with nine Pac-12 teams competing for seven bowl games a big finish with a win over the number 12 Ducks would increase the likelihood of a bowl invitation.

Oregon meanwhile, may not be competing for a bowl selection, but the team is working towards their third straight ten-win season.


There is college basketball this weekend as well.  Oregon tips off today at noon against Pacific University.  No radio coverage of that game by the way.  But tomorrow’s 3:30 game against North Dakota goes on the air beginning at 3:00 on KCST.  The Ducks will wrap up the round-ball weekend with a 7:00 Sunday game against Cal Poly.

Oregon State has one basketball game this weekend… the Beavers will host DePaul at one Sunday afternoon.  That game will air on KCFM.