Peace Health Joins Forces With Kaiser Permanente; C.R.O.W. Gains Operating Capital; Humane Society Opens Christmas Store; Time Change: Check Your Smoke Detectors

Kaiser Permanente And Peace Health Join Forces

Peace Health and Kaiser Permanente have agreed to team up to provide expanded health care in Lane County.  The agreement was reached in order for Kaiser to begin to offer health care coverage plans in the county.  The jointly funded community health initiative will address a number of areas identified in the Lane County Health Needs Assessment.  The focus areas include transitional and recuperative housing, access to dental care for people in need, strengthening school-based health centers, and workforce development efforts to support community health workers.  The two entities have also agreed to partner up in delivering health care coverage in Lane County.  One of the goals is to improve health care coverage for some of the most vulnerable citizens in Lane County while keeping services local.  In addition Community health initiatives supporting Lane County nonprofits will be announced in December.

C.RO.W. Receives $5000.00 Grant

The Children’s Repertory of Oregon Workshop has received a grant to provide for operational funds.  C.R.O.W.’s Director Melanie Heard said the $5000.00 check is vital to keeping the doors open.  The money is slated directly for the use of items like power and heat and she says “Often times, daily operational expenses are overlooked, but they are so important.”  She adds that the money is only a part of what they need to continue to provide the many camps and productions that they put on annually and that donations are appreciated and needed to keep CROW going throughout the year.  CROW does small fundraising events throughout the year like car washes and candy sales and larger ones like their recent Haunted House and they also have a major fund-raising event in the annual Holly Jolly Follies which will be taking place this December 1st through 3rd.

Humane Society Opens Christmas Store

We are barely out of October and getting ready to celebrate thanksgiving, but many folks are thinking about the Christmas holiday which is less than two months away.  And while it may still not be the holiday shopping season for gifts, it is the time of year when you think about this years decorations.  The annual Humane Society Christmas store opened on November 1st and will operate until December 1st.  Danielle Dixon says the new location is a little smaller than last years, but it is packed full of decorating ideas for your home.

“We have everything from Christmas ornaments to Christmas trees, Christmas lights, ugly Christmas sweaters, we have kitchen stuff.  We have wrapping paper.  We have tins, baskets, books.  We have crafts.  We have candles.  We have all the unique things that you can’t find at the big box stores.”

This year the store is located between the Verizon store and Dominos Pizza on highway 101.  Dixon says it is a great location.

“it’s very hard to find building in this town.  Last year we were over the bridge in a big warehouse.  We had 4800 square feet, this year we have 1400 square feet.”

Mimi, who has been volunteering at the Humane Society Christmas store for 10 years knows that early shopping is the key to getting the best deals.

“Don’t wait until the last minute cause there’s lots of good stuff now and there should be then too, but I think you’ve got a better choice now if you come early.”

The store is open daily 10 -4 except Sunday when they are open noon until 4.

Check Batteries and Turn Back Clocks

Sunday morning marks the end of daylight savings time and that means it is time to check your smoke detectors.  The state fire marshall’s office.  Before you just throw out your batteries for a new one they recommend checking all the units in your home or business.  State Fire Marshall Jim Walker says “Smoke alarm technology has advanced and many now come with 10-year batteries and some are tamper-resistant.  So test your alarms before changing the battery, and to be sure to replace any smoke alarm that is 10 years old or older.”   He adds that ensuring that you have properly operating smoke alarms is the single most important step in increasing your family’s safety from a home fire.

Heading to Bend? Have Studded Tires or Chains

If you are planning a weekend trip to Bend, perhaps for some skiing, the snow levels have dropped below the pass elevations so be sure to be prepared to have studded tires or take chains with you.  Snow is expected through the weekend.