Hannigan Resigns From OCHS Board; Airport to Go to Bid on Lighting Upgrade; OPB Announces Strong Numbers For Early 2018

Hannigan Resigns From OCHS Board

Yesterday afternoon, Oregon Coast Humane Society Board President Jack Hannigan resigned his post as president and board member.  Hannigan said in a press release that the desire of some board members to move toward a limited intake shelter rather than a real No Kill Shelter is bothersome to him.  Hannigan says his fear is that this move will limit future endowments to the shelter.  He says the board is struggling with what to do with long term residents of the shelter and he believes that years of not exercising best shelter practices have made many of them unadoptable.  The OCHS recently received almost 2 million dollars in dedicated funds from an estate.  Money that Hannigan believes could be in jeopardy if the Shelter moves away from a true No Kill facility.

Airport to Go to Bid on Lighting Upgrade

The Florence Municipal Airport is gearing up for a million dollar upgrade.  Bids for a new lighting system and a slurry seal for the runway will be going out later this month.  The concern is that the construction will cause the closing of the airport for approximately two months for crews to do the work.  The new lighting will require a ditch to be dug along the runway on both sides and FAA regulations do not allow for operations when such hazards exist within 125 feet of the center line of the runway.  Joe Roshak from Century West Engineering says that some concessions have been made in the bid to allow for the airport to be open on the weekends, but it will have to be closed about 10 hours a day during the week.  Terry Tomeny, chairman of the Airport Advisory Board is concerned about commercial aviation at the airport including a daily flight from UPS and the fact that construction will be close to next year’s Rhody weekend and Wings and Wheels.  The lighting upgrade is not optional according to Public Works Director Mike Miller.  He says the lighting is about 30 years old and is at the end of its useful life.  The money for the upgrade will come mainly from two sources.  The FAA will pay for the bulk of the construction with an additional 100,000 dollars from the state.  City of Florence portion will be about 10 to 12 thousand dollars.  Roshak says too many restrictions on contractors could cause the bids to rocket out of control and he says the FAA will not foot the bill on unreasonable cost overruns.  The city hopes to have bids in hand in early to mid august.

OPB Announces Strong Numbers For Early 2018

Oregon Pacific Bank has issued some strong numbers for the first 6 months of 2018.  They are reporting a net operating income of 1.4 million dollars which is up more than double for the same period last year.  The bank is reporting solid quarterly growth due to increases in loans and deposits.  Increases that are up 19.64 % and 14.26% respectively over 2017’s numbers.  In addition non performing assest were down from 1.47 in the firest two quarters of last year to 0.86 percent for this year.  A move into the Eugene market will also contribute to overall growth as OPB attempts to take advantage of recent industry consolidation according to CEO and President Ron Green.