Shooting Related to Heroin Theft; Road Closure; Dunes City Advisor Dies; Gas Prices down…Mostly

Shooting Related to Heroin Theft

More details have come to light regarding a shooting on July 29th south of Florence.  The suspect in the shooting, Gene Manuel Joseph of Florence was reportedly attempting to recover a large amount heroin that was stolen from him, according to Lane County sheriff’s sergeant Carrie Carver.  The identity of the victim in the shooting has not been released, only that he is a 32 year old male with a gunshot wound to the leg.  Joseph is still at large and believed to still be in the Florence area.  He is considered Armed and Dangerous.  Lane County Sheriff’s office have said that this was the first of three shootings involving heroin.  Two other suspects have been arrested in the Glenwood area, a third suspect in that shooting is also at large.  Juan Hernandez-Burboa is believed to be in the Springfield area.

Road Closure

Access to Old Town via Maple Street will be restricted until the 21st of this month.  The street is closed for a major installation as part of the ReVision Florence project according to city manager Erin Reynolds.

“Maple street is the site of our two large monument pillars that are going to be installed there to be the gateway feature, the primary gateway into Old Town off of Highway 101.”

There will be an additional gateway installed at Quince and Highway 101 later on in the project.  Reynolds says the project is on schedule and crews will be working northward on Highway 101.  Yesterday crews were laying piping for underground utilities.  That work will continue through the week into next week.

Dunes City Advisor Dies

Dunes City Recorder, Jamie Mills announced the passing of another long time advisor and water champion for the City.  John Stead also passed on Sunday.

Gas Prices down…Mostly

A large stockpile of gasoline is putting downward pressure on prices this week.  According to Marie Dodds with AAA Oregon, the average price for a gallon of gas in Oregon has dipped another four cents from last week, however, here in Florence we have yet to see the change.  The Florence average is still at $2.71 a gallon, although $2.68 is the cheapest price currently at one location.  Dodds says you can expect to see the prices come down in the near future prior to the Labor Day Weekend.