Grief Support; Gas Prices Down; Bad Drivers

Grief Support

The Siuslaw School district will be hosting a grief support open house this evening at the Siuslaw Middle School.  Superintendent Andy Grzeskowiak says the event is geared primarily for students and staff that might need help in processing the loss of Siuslaw Middle school teacher Scott Anderson, but that the event is open to parents and the community.  Grief counselors will be on hand from several different faith agencies as well as volunteer fire service and other local groups.  The event will be from  5 to 7 pm tonight.

Gas Prices Down

Ahead of the labor day weekend gas prices continue to tick downward.  The majority of states, including Oregon are experiencing prices 20 to 40 cents cheaper than last year.  This past week the average price of gas in Oregon has dropped 3 cents to $3.05 a gallon.  Here in Florence the average price for a gallon of regular gas is down 4 cents to $2.67 a gallon.  According to Marie Dodds with AAA Oregon this is the cheapest gas has been in more than two years for this time of year.  Dodds says you may see some slight increases at the pump for the Labor Day holiday, but that will be short term and prices should continue to decline in the month of September.

Bad Drivers

With the Labor Day Weekend on the horizon a new study has been released by SmartAsset that ranks Oregon drivers among the worst in the nation when it comes to DUI arrests and fatalities.  Oregon is listed at number 16 out of 50 states although 5 of the top 10 states are in the south.  California ranks number three.  There is expected to be more than 35 million people traveling this holiday which is less than Memorial and Independence day travel.  According to SmartAsset the beginning of school next week usually means shorter trips for many Americans, choosing rather to stay close to home and take advantage of many statewide attractions.