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Flu Potential ProblemFor Pandemic; Alternatives to Social Gatherings; Outbreaks Cause for Concern Around State; Candidate Filing Deadline

Flu Potential ProblemFor Pandemic

As doctors and hospitals try to battle the coronavirus the trend on increasing numbers has some concerned that leading into the fall the onset of flu season can become an additional problem.  Dr. Bob Pelz, infectious disease specialist with PeaceHealth Oregon says the symptoms can be similar.

“The symptoms can be pretty much indistinguishable, and when flu starts to circulate that’s really gonna be a problem.”

Pelz says that flu patients sometimes need hospitalization and that means taking up beds needed for COVID patients.  He says that this year, more than any other year in his lifetime it is important to get a flu shot.  He says even though the vaccine is not 100 percent effective in most cases, it can still help curtail the negative effects of the flu.

Alternatives to Social Gatherings

As numbers continue to grow in the coronavirus pandemic the Oregon Health Authority is highlighting alternatives to social gatherings on its website.  The OHA reminds citizens that get togethers that exceed ten people is currently prohibited under Governor Kate Brown’s executive order.  The OHA is suggesting alternatives like drive-through birthdays, showers and other milestone events.  Using multi-player gaming features on game consoles and hosting watch parties using video streaming apps.  Videoconferencing is also becoming popular for more than just important meeting and they recommend trying one for dinner parties and book clubs.

Outbreaks Cause for Concern Around State

The OHA says a series of outbreaks at three different businesses have all exceeded 20 cases of the coronavirus.  A walmart in Umatilla county has reached 27 individuals while a construction company in Multnomah county is currently at 20.  Lamb Weston, a meat packing facility in Boardman has 3 locations with a total of 74 cases to date.  This as the state of Oregon announced 299 new confirmed and presumptive cases yesterday and 5 new deaths.  The death toll is now at 338 and case count is nearing the 20 thousand mark with 19,979.  Here in Lane County there were 7 new cases to report yesterday bringing the total to 543 with no new cases reported in the Florence Area.

Candidate Filing Deadline

If you have ever considered local politics there is only 8 days left to register for either Mayor of Florence or two city council positions.  Eligibility requirements are that you must be a qualified elector, meaning you are registered to vote and have presided in the city for at least 12 months prior to the election and you must collect at least 25 signatures from qualified electors.  Currently there are two individuals running for mayor, Incumbent Joe Henry and local business person Jo Beaudreau.  There are four candidates currently for the two city council positions, Sally Wantz, Maggie Bacon, Dan Lofy and Bill Meyer.  Registration deadline is August 14th.