Beavers Vs USC; OSU Women VS Colorado; UO Women Travel To Salt Lake City; Football Scrimmage

Beavers Vs USC

The Oregon State Beavers Men’s basketball team is on the court this afternoon in Los Angeles.  They will take on the USC Trojans.  The Beavers recently defeated the Trojans in Corvallis 58-56 and hope to repeat the performance on the road today.  KCFM will carry the game beginning at 1:30 this afternoon with a 2pm tip off.

OSU Women VS Colorado

The Beavers Women’s basketball team is headed for Boulder for a game tomorrow evening against the Buffalos.  That game begins at 5pm.

UO Women Travel To Salt Lake City

The Oregon Men’s basketball team has been sidelined for COVID-19, but the women are forging ahead and will be in Salt Lake City tomorrow afternoon at 2 pm to take on the Utes.  The Oregon Women are currently ranked 11 in the AP Poll.

Football Scrimmage

We have been announcing it all week, but tomorrow the Siuslaw Vikings will be on the football field for a 7 on 7 scrimmage.  We want to reemphasize that there will be no spectators allowed, even against the fences.  Strict COVID-19 protocols are in place that allow no more than 50 individuals on the school campus and that will just be enough to provide space for the teams and staff.  The 7 on 7 matchup will be against Sweet Home and can be viewed through subscription to