Author: George Henry

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EMAC Discusses Hauler’s Licenses; Commission To Hold Executive Session; New Burning Regulations; 101 Down To One Lane Near Tugman State Park

EMAC Discusses Hauler’s Licenses The next session of the Environmental Management Advisory Committee will review solid waste licenses for haulers in Florence.  The March 8th meeting will focus on audits being prepared for the committee from haulers as the committee looks at expenses and revenues generated over the past year.  […]

US Supreme Court Could Effect Non-Union Teachers; Recycler Program To Reeducate; Cold Weather Shelter Gets a Rest

Supreme Court Could Effect Non-Union Teachers Oregon teachers and other public employees are watching as a case with big implications for unions is heard in the U-S Supreme Court. Janus versus AFSCME could decide the fate of so-called “fair-share” fees in public-employee unions, paid by non-union members for the union […]